Sun Tolerant Hostas

Hostas are very sensitive to light levels and the intensity of sunlight. ‘Full sun’ means 6 hours a day or more. Few hostas will still look good in 12 hours a day mid-summer sun. A hosta which may be sun-tolerant one year, may not be so tolerant the next.
The best guide is how your hostas look. If they look faded or are not growing well in full sun, don’t be afraid to move them.

The following hostas are usually sun-tolerant:

‘Abba Dabba Do’
‘Alan Titchmarsh’
‘Allan P. McConnell’ (very small)
‘August Moon’
‘Blue Angel’
‘Blue Mammoth’
‘Blue Mouse Ears’ (Mini)
‘Brother Stefan’
‘Captain Kirk’
‘Cathedral Windows’
‘Crystal Dixie’(Very Small)
‘Devon Green’
‘Dixie Chick’ (Mini)
‘Domaine de Courson’
‘El Niño’
‘Emerald Tiara’
‘Eternal Flame’
‘Fantasy Island’
‘Feather Boa'(Mini)

‘Fire and Ice’
‘First Frost’
‘Fragrant Bouquet’
‘Fragrant Dream’
‘Fragrant Queen’
‘Frozen Margarita’
‘Garden Party’
‘Gold Drop’ (Very Small)
Gold Standard’
‘Golden Tiara’
‘Golden Waffles’
‘Grand Prize’
‘Grand Tiara’
‘Gypsy Rose’
‘Hands Up’
‘Hanky Panky’
‘Heart and Soul’
‘High Society’
‘Holy Mouse Ears’ (Mini)
‘Ice Cream’

‘Iced Lemon’ (Mini)
‘Irish Luck’
‘Ivory Coast’
‘Journey’s End’
‘Korean Snow’
‘Krossa Regal’
‘Lakeside Baby Face’ (Mini)
‘Lemon Delight’ (Very Small)
‘Lemon Frost’ (Mini)
‘Lemon Lime’ (Mini)
‘Little Red Rooster’ (Mini)
‘Little Sunspot’ (Mini)
‘Little Wonder’ (Very Small))
‘Maui Buttercups’
‘Monster Ears’
‘Orange Marmalade’
‘Paradise Joyce’
‘Paradise Puppet’ (Mini)

‘Paul’s Glory’
‘Praying Hands’
‘Radiant Edger’
‘Regal Splendor’
‘Remember Me’
‘So Sweet’
‘Squash Casserole’
‘Stained Glass’
‘Sum and Substance’
‘Summer Breeze’
‘Tears of Joy’ (Mini)
‘Teaspoon’ (Very Small)
‘Tick Tock’
‘Totally Twisted’
‘Touch of Class’
‘Twist of Lime’ (Mini)
‘Winter Snow’
‘Yellow River’